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9 Heartfelt Get Well Soon Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

9 Hearfelt Get Well Soon Gifts by The British Hamper Co

From the softest socks to a Get Well Soon hamper, brighten up someone’s day and show them that you care. Here are 9 gift ideas to make recovery that much easier.

Afternoon Tea Hamper from The British Hamper Company

A good cup of tea solves everything, so if you have a friend who isn’t feeling too well, sending this hamper may help.

During their time off work, laid out on the sofa, they can enjoy a nice cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea accompanied by a beautifully rich Tregroes toffee waffle, a delicious all-butter shortbread biscuit or a slice of the sublime apricot and ginger cake.


If you’re homesick you can feel under the weather so support an old friend in their predicament with this brilliant box of British delights.

If they are genuinely ill though, there’s popcorn a-plenty for them to munch on while watching a TV movie at one in the afternoon and some crumbly Cotswold fudge for when they need something a little sweeter. 

If they loved jelly beans when they were younger, then they’re in luck. The Natural Candy Shop’s bag of jellied treats will give them flash backs to their youth spent in a British sweet shop and have them up on their feet in no time.


Chocolate can make everything better, so when you want to wish someone well, send them a big box of the finest chocolate treats.   

If you gift this Get Well Soon hamper, they’ll be on the road to recovery with delights such as orange peel dipped in rich dark chocolate and beautifully light Monty Bojangle’s truffles.

There are two different flavours of Willie’s Cacao chocolate which is brilliantly pure and a tin of top-quality hot chocolate from Chocca Mocca that will soothe them to sleep.

  • Cookie Doe London: Edible cookie dough (Gift wrapped 3 pack) – £18

Cookie Doe London by The British Hamper Co 9 Heartfelt Get Well Soon Gifts

For a less healthy but naughtily delicious gift try the three tubs of edible cookie dough from London Cookie Dough.

The three 8 oz tubs come gift wrapped with a spoon and are the perfect comfort food to help get someone over a difficult cold or a touch of ‘man flu’.

Available in over 10 flavours, you can tailor this gift to your struggling friend’s taste. Sending this gift can be very personal and it shows them that you understand what they need.

  • Oo&Ahh: Get well soon giant chocolate chip – £6.95

Oo&Ahh: Get well soon giant chocolate chip by The British Hamper Co 9 Heartfelt Get Well Soon Gifts

Ooh and Ahh specialise in creating giant cookies with personalised messages on them.

Sending them something that is so unique and personal is very likely to put a smile on their face and when someone is unwell this could be the perfect gift.

  • The Great Gift Company: Elly Elephant Microwavable Plush Toy – £6.99

Elephant toy gift by The British Hamper Co 9 Heartfelt Ger Well Soon Gifts

If your friend or loved one is stuck in bed and can’t summon up the energy to leave, then you should send them a fitting gift.

With this Ely Elephant plush toy, they won’t want to get up, even if they could!  It is a fully microwavable, lavender scented plush that is perfect for a cold evening or when struggling to sleep.  Simply place her in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy the relaxing smells of lavender as ailments are forgotten and sleep ensues.

  • The Great Gift Company: Hedgehog Massage Slipper – £24.99

Hedgehog Massage Slipper by The British Hamper Co 9 Heartfelt Get Well Soon Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good foot massage? It can be especially welcome if you aren’t feeling too well. This gift is not only thoughtful and more useful than flowers, but it is multipurpose as well.

Not only do the cosy slippers keep their feet warm, but they also get a foot massage by flicking a switch on the side to vibrate.

  • John Lewis: Skandinavisk Rosenhave Ceramic Candle – £55

Ceramic Candle by The British Hamper Co 9 Heartfelt Get Well Soon Gifts

This very luxurious candle could be exactly what your friend or loved one needs right now. Inspired by the Scandinavian way of life, this candle is designed to enhance our environment by creating a softer, cosier atmosphere.

  • Not Another Bunch of Flowers: Cosy Mohair Bed Socks – £15.95

Bed Socks by The British Hamper 9 Heartfelt Get Well Soon Gifts

Comfy socks are one of the most welcome gifts to receive when you’re ill.

This is a very personal gift, sent in a box tied with a ribbon that reads ‘a little treat for your feet’ on the top and ‘we hope these keep your toes nice and cosy’ on the side.

They come in two pastel shades and are made from mohair yarn from South Africa. They are breathable and odour resistant, so they will go a long way in making your poorly friend feel much better.


You can view our full range of Get Well Soon hampers on our website. If you have any questions or would like some help picking out a hamper for your friend or loved one, then don’t be afraid to get in touch.

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