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10 gorgeous gifts for wine lovers

A bottle of wine is always well-received, but shopping for a vino enthusiast can become slightly run-of-the-mill if you’ve been gifting them with their favourite red, white or rosé year after year. When it comes to wine gifts, there are plenty of options beyond the bottle shop. Think gorgeous glassware; think wine hampers stuffed with luxe artisan foods; think genuinely useful tools and accessories. In among the following wine gift baskets, coolers and corkscrews, there’s something for everybody – you’ll probably be tempted to buy them all for yourself, too.

1. A delightful red wine hamper

This is much better than another bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Packed with stunning complements (looking at you, hickory smoked nuts and British stilton biscuits), this red wine hamper is enough to put a beaming smile on anyone who loves a luxurious wine experience.

2. These striking stemless wine glasses

Simple and elegant, this set-of-two stemless wine glasses from Waterford are a pair of crystal beauties. It’s the ultimate vessel for quaffing fine wines continental-style and your vino-loving friends and family will adore drinking from its crisp rim.

3. A quirky Tom Dixon decanter

Tom Dixon is a dreamy British designer. This impossibly stylish stoppered wine decanter will make any wine-loving gift recipient’s jaw hit the floor. It’s almost too stunning to drink from – but that’s a challenge we’re happy to take.

4. The perfect picnic accompaniment

Say hello to the Tovolo Steady Stick. As its namesake suggests, this nifty device prevents wine bottles from spilling onto the floor when drinking outdoors. Push it into the ground at picnics, on the beach, during a festival or a day at the races (which we offer the ultimate in wine hampers for) and the spiralling cylinder will keep your bottle safe and sound.

5. This ultra-clever cork

It chills, it aerates, and it pours wine to enhance wine’s quality to its full potential: Corkcicle Air from Oliver Bonas is a must-buy gift for grape connoisseurs. The handy device cools room-temperature reds for a super-smooth sip. If you’re buying for a white wine buff, it’ll keep bottles refreshingly chilled for a delightful drinking experience. Pair with this stunning white wine hamper for the ultimate treat.

6. This fine wine and chocolate hamper

Wine and chocolates don’t have to be cliched. Both are the products of their terroir and the perfect wine and chocolate hamper pairs the most decadent of each. This luxury fine wine and chocolate hamper marries traditional Bordeaux wines to everything from ‘bean-to-bar’ Willie’s Cacao to indulgent champagne truffles. You’ll almost not want to give it away.

7. A Moleskine wine journal

Got a friend, colleague or family member who really, really knows their wines? This Moleskine Passion wine journal is a brilliantly unique gift, with six themed sections to fill in from measures and conversions to a wine glossary.

8. A priceless wine preserver

It’s not actually priceless (it’s actually £15 from John Lewis), but this OXO Good Grips vacuum wine preserver will be immeasurably useful to your grape-glugging gift recipient. That is, if they ever have the problem of not finishing a full bottle of wine…

9. This state-of-the-art wine cooler

We can’t all luxuriate in our own wine cellar, but we can take advantage of more affordable oenological pleasures. We’re talking about this British-made master wine cooler by Dartington Crystal, which can even be engraved with texts and images for a truly personal touch.

10. Something for the ultimate connoisseur

This sumptuous traditional wine hamper looks truly special and far from generic, as a present should. It’s brimming with gourmet British fare – from beetroot and horseradish chutney to toffee waffles – with a bottle of rich, fruity Vina Montgras Reserva red (sidenote: it works perfectly with Grate Britain’s Stilton Biscuits).

Still stuck? Browse our full range of food and wine hamper gifts. Bursting with delicious handpicked delights, our wine hampers pair luxury foods from brilliant independent producers with the finest global wines. Guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who loves a glass.

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